Quality Assurance

Quadelta takes a four-step approach to maintaining quality in the services and products we produce. This approach can be summarized as 1) defining acceptable performance, 2) effective recruiting and staff orientation, 3) performance monitoring and 4) utilizing effective feedback.

First, we communicate with each customer to define acceptable performance and deliverables and ensure that our policies and procedures support the achievement of these goals. During the initial start-up meeting, our task leader will request as many performance indicators from the Government as possible. Elements such as timeliness, accuracy of information and maintenance of quality assurance data will be critical to ensuring a consensus in defining acceptable performance.

Second, is the effective recruiting and orientation of our staff to ensure a thorough understanding of the work. We ensure that each individual is aware of their position responsibilities and the acceptable performance associated with the task. We provide opportunities for the staff to contribute to quality improvement through suggestions, problem-solving and cross-training. We rely on an open communications channel between the customer and Quadelta management to assist us in accurately understanding customer expectations and needs.

The third step to our approach to maximizing quality is performance monitoring. As described above, we feel strongly that success on a task is the result of establishing and monitoring performance matrices. In addition to making technical contributions to the task a key responsibility of our task manager is to review the work of junior and mid-level personnel. We believe strongly in appointing a task management team with demonstrated expertise in the fields in which their employees are providing services.

The last step in our quality process is feedback. No amount of data is useful unless something is done with it to improve the root processes. To that end, task leaders are empowered to review and modify Project Plans. They have the latitude to define procedures and quality assurance tools including reporting requirements. As a small business, our lines of communication are very short. It is very easy for any employee to communicate ideas for improvement directly with senior management.

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