Quadelta and our partners, Aerotek, B2C, Millennium Data Management (MDM), Science and Technology Research (STR) Inc., and Sektor bring over 55 years of experience to the Virtual SYSCOM. We have chosen to focus our technical capabilities and experience in 16 of the 22 functional areas listed in the RFP. In addition, we are limiting our approach to Zone 2, National Capital Region, in order to capitalize on our local presence.

The Quadelta Team brings vital new talent to provide solutions for the Virtual SYSCOM. With the exception of Quadelta, all of the Team members are new to the Seaport contract, however, the Team members have a history of working together. With the Quadelta Team, the Virtual SYSCOM can take advantage of fresh perspectives and new management processes.

The Quadelta Team includes a well-rounded mix of small business and one large business. Our small business partners have demonstrated experience in technical innovation and management adaptability. Our large business partner provide the depth of personnel and processes. Together the Team has the necessary resources and expertise to provide the Virtual SYSCOM with outstanding quality engineering, technical and programmatic support services while maximizing innovation and cost reduction.

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