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How to Order

The GSA Federal Supply Schedule Program

Under the GSA Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) Program, multiple award contracts are negotiated with companies like Quadelta allowing agencies to then place delivery orders directly with these companies (FAR 8.401(a)). GSA establishes these Government-wide contracts for both services and products at stated prices for given periods of time. Schedule contracts provide the ordering agency with a large selection of services and the flexibility necessary to select the best value approach that meets their needs. The FSS program closely mirrors commercial buying practices and provides Government Agencies with easy access to Quadelta products and services on a direct delivery basis.

Advantages of Placing a Schedule Order

When placing an order using a Schedule contract the basic procurement process has already been done, only the actual purchase remains. The "red tape" has been cut by GSA Contracting Officers. GSA has determined fair and reasonable prices by negotiating a standard set of rates that Quadelta offers the Government. This allows Government organizations to fill requirements by making a best value selection of services that best meet their needs. Schedule contracts also offer the potential of shorter lead-times and lower administrative costs. In addition, by using a Quadelta schedule contract Government organizations are not required to do the following:

  • Synopsize the procurement
  • Negotiate the contracts
  • Meet requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act see FAR 6.102(d)(3) and Economy Act (CICA)

Benefits of Using Federal Supply Schedules to Place Orders

Using FSS Schedule contracts to place an order provides many benefits including:

  • Lower prices through competition
  • No detailed price analysis
  • Greater user agency flexibility
  • Best value
  • No dollar value limitations on task/delivery orders issued under Schedule contracts

How to Order

Ordering from either Quadelta GSA Schedule Contract is a simple process.

  1. Identify and quantify your requirements.
  2. Review your requirements with a Quadelta representative.
  3. Develop a mutually agreed upon Statement of Work (SOW).
  4. Establish funding.
  5. Have you Contracting Office send your order with agreed upon SOW to Quadelta, using your agency's approved GSA purchase order (e.g., GSA Form 300, Form DD1155)

Order may be sent to:

Mr. John Woodall
Quadelta, Inc.
2450 Crystal Drive, Suite 1020
Arlington, VA 22202-4812

If you have questions regarding Quadelta's capabilities, services or the use of Quadelta's Schedule Contracts please contact: John Woodall - jwoodall@quadelta.com at 703/413-3001.