Quadelta Inc.

Capabilities and Experience

Modeling, Simulation and Data Visualization

Quadelta maintains a robust modeling and simulation capability built around the Mathworks, MATLAB and Simulink modeling and simulation toolkits. Quadelta is a Mathworks "Connections Partner." Quadelta specializes in the visualization of high-resolution, 3-D synthetic geographic environments that serve as a realistic background for symmetric or asymmetric battlefield scenario simulations.

Our M&S experience includes:

  • 6 DoF simulation
  • geospatial data analysis
  • high-resolution visualization
  • easy-to-use, Windows-like, graphic interfaces for models and simulations
  • physics based models to simulate weapons and vehicles including aircraft, ships and land vehicles
  • optimization of MATLAB programming and Simulink modeling to reduce execution time
  • developing M&S applications for test and evaluation recommending client M&S architectures